The ledgendary Voit Duck Feet Custom Model Swim Fins and the Voit UDT Duck Feet Extreme Propulsion Fins are both back and available for the first time in Australia since the 1950s. Made from new and improved dual durometer gum rubber, with no impurities or plastics added, more attention has been given to not just the material but to the specific loading of the material making these swim fins the most powerful and responsive to date.
VOIT Duck Feet are now made by people who understand not only fin design and function, but by people who value the responsibility of inheriting, improving, protecting, and perpetuating the tradition of greatness of this ledgendary product.
Heres why the experts are switching to Voit Duck Feet …the worlds most powerful fin.
Duck Feet where the first scientifically designed fins incorporating exclusive features that give maximum thrust per square inch. Duck Feet are symmetrical in all propulsive planes, an important feature that eliminates tiring torque experienced with other types of fins.
Duck Feet have deep reinforced ribs that extend down the entire length of the fin. This is a special design feature the channels the water off the end of the Duck Feet blade providing extraordinary push.
The twisting action of the fin "releases" water by loading one side of the fin. The resulting lateral force component increases maneuverability and stability, as seen in aquatic organisms.
New rubber durometer values and loading patterns result in a fin with a plethora of advantages and enhanced attributes.
When considering fin power the thickness of the foot pocket walls is as important as the proper blade design.
In surfing, swimming or diving with fins, all the power generated by the legs is transferred to the fin blade from the instep and arch of the foot. This is why a firm foot pocket and a solid thick walled instep is absolutely necessary.
Foot pocket and blade are made of similar material, yet the outer ribs are relatively rigid.
This guarantees an inflection point distally removed from the foot. The result is that all of your power gets transferred to this distal inflection point, creating more forward thrust than conventionally stiff fins of the past.
Only the famous Duck Feet heel strap design can be used in fins built for maximum power and thrust. Only this design can provide instep leverage on the down stroke and arch support on the up stoke.
Many modern fins lack power,thrust and glide and use a soft thin walled foot pocket design. These types of fins move the centre of effort and transfer load to the ankles creating pain and discomfort.
Nothing has been spared in the rubber formulation of the Duck Feet which are made from the purest, liveliest gum rubber available and carefully blended for extra resilience and power. This unique blend of compounds allows for extra thrust when the blade snaps back to its original shape at the completion of each stoke.
There is not one gram of loading in Duck Feet rubber, no clay or fillers or additives so often put in rubbers to make popularly priced fins. The rubber for the Duck Feet heel strap is an exclusive development Extremely tough yet fabulously stretchable. The heel strap are a completely different bend of pure gum rubber permanently pressure fused to the fin body to ensure a firm comfortable fit.
Duck Feet are made from an exclusive and expensive method. The process is entirely unique and necessary to mould the raw rubber blend into the perfect swim fin   
Voit Duck Feet are not only a favourite of the US Navy Seals but have long been recognised as the fin of choice by the most serious bodysurfers, big wave riders, lifeguards and both skin and scuba divers. They deliver more power and performance relative to most other swim fins on the market.  
With their re-release in Australia Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins are quickly becoming the most sought-after swim fin to be included in the water athletes product arsenal.

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